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59 St Martin's Lane, London WC2N 4JS

Phone: 020-7836 7849
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Edwin Wan  


Graduated from the Royal Academy of Music with a Master of Arts in Musical Theatre (Distinction).


Trained as an actor at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama (1st class honour).


6 years of studying and practicing the Estill Voice Training model, obtained the Estill Figure Proficiency qualification (click here for official listing). This technique enables a singer to shift between vocal styles such as classical, musical theatre, pop and much more.

長達 6 年學習與實踐 Estill Voice Training 發聲理論,並取得 Estill Figure Proficiency資格(按此查閱官方名),因此對歌唱風格之間的變換有充分掌握,例如古典、音樂劇以及流行音樂等

Places storytelling at the heart of singing teaching, with equal emphasis on vocal technique.


​Pop/MT Vocal Lesson     流行/音樂劇聲樂課堂
  • Helps you develop the vocal technique required to sing most Pop and Musical Theatre repertoire (including the Opera-like quality)

  • Your choice of focus on technique or repertoire coaching or a mixture of both

  • Only available in Hong Kong. Teaching venue is in Kwun Tong, other areas subject to discussion.

  • 55 minutes per session

  • Group of 2 students is permitted in one session. Another session of 55 mins is required for 3 or more students.

  • Payment in advance by PayMe or bank transfer to confirm booking

  • 助你掌握演唱流行音樂及音樂劇歌曲所需的歌唱技巧(包括歌劇唱腔)

  • 可選擇課堂重點在技巧訓練或歌曲演繹,或兩者兼備

  • 只限香港地區,教學地點在觀塘,其他地點另議

  • 每節課堂為55分鐘

  • ​有關小組課堂,兩名學員可出席一節課堂,如三人或以上小組則需額外完整一節課堂(即1小時55分鐘)

  • 於上課前透過PayMe或銀行轉帳繳交學費以確認預約

Skype Pop/MT Lesson     Skype網上聲樂課堂
  • Only for clients not physically in Hong Kong

  • Same content as the live lesson except you need to sing exercises a cappella because of the delay in video and sound transmission 

  • You need to provide your backing track for repertoire coaching

  • 55 minutes per session

  • Payment by Paypal only

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​Please use the contact form below to ask about lessons and rates. Best to let me know your learning objectives and desired date and time. I will get back to you as soon as possible.