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Business Star Pursues his Acting Dream at the Academy

Currently a Year 2 bachelor’s degree student majoring in Acting, the artistic path of Wan Po-ching is somewhat extraordinary. Wan got six grade As and four grade Bs in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination and was given an unconditional place on the Global Business Programme of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Graduating with First-class Honours, Wan embarked on a career as a management trainee in a bank – a dream job in the eyes of many people. “But what I enjoyed most was being the emcee and singing at the company's annual dinner.” He fell in love with acting after his first musical performance in his final year at University.“I seldom travelled for leisure when I was working at the bank. Instead I spent all my spare time on drama workshops, rehearsals and performances.” Three years later, his passion for acting eventually prompted him to resign and start his drama studies at the Academy. Notsurprisingly, it was a major task considerable to convince his parents of the wisdom of his decision.

Obedient and disciplined from a very young age, drama made Wan realise that a variety of roads could lead him to his personal Rome. Rather than there being a standard formula for acting, he needs to figure out his own way by trial and error.

This year, Wan received two scholarships, from HSBC Hong Kong and the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. This diligent young man hopes to realise his dream of taking part in West End musicals in the United Kingdom.

Originally published on  HKAPA Academy News:


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