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A Chorus Line: Spotlight on Edwin Wan

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Next, we have Edwin Wan, who was hailed for his performance of the straaaange Bobby Yeung.

接著,我們請到飾演比較古怪男角Bobby Yeung的尹溥程與我們閒談。

(scroll down for Chinese 下面附中文)

Moving A Chorus Line from the rehearsal room to the studio was…

Bittersweet. Part of me knew the whole journey was coming to an end, while the other part was excited that we were finally about to show the world what ’we’ve got. It was my first time performing in Shouson Theatre, which was one of my dream HK venues to perform in, so I was really looking forward to it.

In terms of the production, we finally get to see the actual sets and space, which we couldn’t have experienced in the rehearsal studio. So there were a lot of minor adjustments to our positions and final changes, which meant a lot of new stuff to remember. The sets, sound, lights and projection effect really helped to bring our performance to a new level. After all, theatre is not just about actors on stage, it’s a collective work done by both cast and crew. On top of that, response from audience was also very critical and it gave the cast extra energy to perform, something we didn’t have in the studio.

I have learnt to…

Enjoy what you do and just go for it, and I’m still learning that. After having graduated from university and working for 2 years, I began to feel like adults with unnecessary burdens. Working with a young and energetic cast really reminded me how simple happiness is and the importance of enjoying what you do. Performing arts is really about letting go and enjoying.

I am going to miss…

Bobby Yeung! I never thought of playing a character like this and initially didn’t understand why Lindsey cast me in this role. Maybe she saw the strangeness in me. The process of creating Bobby was actually fun. At first, I tried to play him a bit dark and gothic, and talking slowly. Then I realized I couldn’t stay in character when I had to sing the fast paced ensemble numbers. The final Bobby was created when I spoke the lines to a mirror while doing awkward body gestures and funny faces.

I laugh when I think back to… After the curtain call of the final show, all the male cast members posed with our red robes and took funny pictures. It was hilarious.

Tell us something we don’t know!

During rehearsals or in the dressing rooms, some creative cast members loved to change the lines or lyrics for a laugh and most of the changes were about food. We realized there was a character whose name sounded like a type of food in Cantonese. That thought always put a smile on my face when he did his introduction in the show (yes, a male character).


Dancing. I am really not a dancer and it took me 5 times the effort and time to learn simple steps that the rest of the cast could easily pick up. At first I felt a bit embarrassed, but later I realized it’s a silly thought because the whole company is just soooo supportive and they always helped me out when I wasn’t sure about the steps.

What’s next?

While looking forward to the next YAF musical audition, I will continue my singing lessons so my skills won’t go rusty and start taking regular dance lessons. I will soon audition for drama school and hopefully I can start my acting degree in the 2014 academic year.

My dream superpower is…

To teleport! It saves time and shortens distances. I can go to West End and Broadway shows any time I want!






Bobby Yeung!我從未曾想過會演這樣的一個角色,不知道為甚麼Lindsey會選我當Bobby,或許她覺得我也有點奇怪吧。創造Bobby的過程是有趣的,我一開始打算把他演的比較暗黑,說話動作都很緩慢那種,不過後來發現當要唱那些節拍強勁的歌時,我無法保持那個狀態。後來我面對鏡子一邊說對白,一邊做出古怪動作和表情,慢慢就變成了大家見到的Bobby。有何趣事想與大家分享?最後一場演出完畢後,所有男演員都在幕後擺出各樣姿勢,跟我們的紅色長袍拍照,場面非常惹笑。










Ramin Karimloo!他是倫敦西區的演員,在Love Never Dies演出Phantom一角,最近亦演出孤星淚裏的Jean Valjean。他是我的偶像,希望有一天我也能像他演出這些經典音樂劇角色。

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