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How to donate to the "Drama School Development Fund"?

Step 1

前往捐款網站 https://www.hkapa.edu/tch/giving


Visit the Academy donation website https://www.hkapa.edu/giving

Step 2

選擇「您所選擇的指定課程/項目 」,輸入「Drama Sch Dev Fund

Choose "Designated programme/project of your choice" and input "Drama Sch Dev Fund"

Step 3




Select or type in a donation amount of your desire. Choose the relevant credit card type for this donation. The suggested minimum donation amount per person is HK$120 and we welcome a donation in a higher amount, e.g. HK$250 per person.


Step 4


Follow the instructions on the screen to fill in donor details. “Name of Individual or Organizations" OR "Name of Contact Person" should be the same with one the guests registered to attend the sharing concert.

在確認香港演藝學院收到閣下的捐款後,我們將於14天內發送電郵予閣下確認座位之分配。如閣下未能收到座位分配之確認電郵,或對節目有任何查詢,請電郵至 info@edwinwan.com。有關捐款方面之查詢,請聯絡香港演藝學院拓展處(電話:2584 8729 / 電郵: dev@hkapa.edu )


Upon confirmation of the receipt of donation by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, an email confirming the seat allocation will be sent to you in 14 days. If you have not received the seat allocation email, or have any enquiries about the sharing concert, please email to info@edwinwan.com . For enquiries about donation, please contact the Academy’s Development Office (Tel: 2584 8729 / email: dev@hkapa.edu ).


Step 5

完成後請把捐款確認電郵的截圖電郵到 info@edwinwan.com

Upon donation, please email the screen-capture of the donation confirmation email to info@edwinwan.com